Layton Okland and the Utah State Correctional Facility

In 2014, the Utah Legislature voted to move forward with relocation of the Utah State Prison in Draper, the State’s largest correctional facility. The new Utah State Correctional Facility will allow the state to expand treatment and educational programs that will make the public safer by reducing the chance that people will commit new crimes after release.

Layton Okland was selected by the state to construct the new Utah State Correctional Facility.  The team is a joint venture between Layton Construction and Okland Construction. Both firms are headquartered in Utah and have extensive corrections experience and strong relationships with local subcontractors and suppliers.

As two of Utah's top-ranked commercial contractors, Layton and Okland have constructed many of the state's top public and private facilities and have collaborated on other projects in Utah.

The Division of Facilities Construction and Management (DFCM) recently purchased 323 acres for construction of the new correctional facility. The acreage, which includes land for facilities and infrastructure, is in a portion of the west parcel of the Salt Lake City site selected by the Prison Relocation Committee.

Construction is scheduled to begin in the next few months and will require approximately four years to complete.

Uintah County Public Safety Complex, Vernal, UT | Recently completed by Layton Construction

The new facility will provide for the most modern, effective and efficient criminal justice system in the country; a prudent system that will keep our communities safe, reduce recidivism and respect the taxpayer.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert